Welcome to the Fort Glengarry Garrison (Ottawa), of the 78th Fraser Highlanders

The Garrison is always looking to recruit both adult and youth members to join the Squad, and help keep alive the history of the 78th Fraser Highlanders. For more information contact bruce.macrae@rogers.com

The Ottawa Garrison is one of ten outposts of the 78th Fraser Highlanders, a North-America wide historical society dedicated to the preservation of the memory of the original Regiment, Canadian Military history of the mid-1700′s, and celebration of the contributions of the early Scots to Canadian culture.

McNab Scottish Festival

Youth Squad

The Youth Squad of the Ottawa Garrison is comprised of young men and ladies from the National Capital Region (NCR), who are provided with training, at no cost. The Squad is schooled by subject matter experts in Canadian history, particularly as it relates to the period when the Regiment served in Canada and also receives 18th century drill, highland fencing and musketry instruction, to support the fielding of a Black Powder Drill team, using the Brown Bess, muzzel loaded, flintlock musket.

Leadership and Senior Squad

The Senior Squad of the Ottawa Garrison of the 78th Fraser Highlanders is made up of adult members who value, and portray the history of the Regiment, and the important role it played in the shaping of Canada. In addition to supporting Regimental dinners and celebrations, the Squad performs at various events ranging from the North Lanark Highland Games, Maxville Highland Games, and Colonel By Day, as well as various other events throughout Ontario and the United States.

Dressed in period costume, the Squad carry the Regimental Colours at these events, sets up, and operates historical displays portraying life in an 18th century military encampment including 18th century foot/musket drill.

Please consider making a donation to support the regiment

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